Kurmicktur takes extra care of our passengers with medical conditions, disabilities, or limited mobility, and we aim to provide them with maximum comfort during their journey. Passengers with a medical condition can only board the flight with a doctor’s note, written in Turkish or English and dated no more than 7 days before the flight, which must state that there is no particular reason for you not to fly. Patients who need care during on board can only fly with their companions. Visually and Hearing Impaired Passengers: Visually and hearing impaired passengers are not asked a medical report, they can travel unaccompanied. However, both visually and hearing impaired passengers cannot travel unaccompanied. Guide dogs are accepted in the cabin free of charge by making a reservation. Assisting dogs accompanying the passengers are taken without cage to the cabin. The dog should be clean, his mouth should be tied, and should sit just near the feet of his owner. The guide animal to be admitted to the aircraft must have a valid medical document, an identity document, a vaccination sheet, or documents required by the country of destination, and they must be whole and complete. You must book your guide dogs until 48 hours before departure. Please contact to KURMICTUR if less than 2 hours of the departure. These dogs, which will be taken without a caft in the plane, should be kept under the feet of their owners in a clean way. Please contact KURMICKTUR for detailed information
Passengers with Limited Mobility: Travel documents for disabled passengers (wheel chair, and stretcher)are required during flight. The cabin crew unfortunately cannot help you with breathing apparatus, food, medicine tracking, and toilet needs during flight. Our company shall not be held responsible for any inconvenience caused by the updating of the facilities, since the general rules may vary with each day and each airline on behalf of unjust treatment to obtain updated and detailed information please contact to KURMICKTUR.