Kurmicktur is able to support you about precautionary of pre-flight warnings. Our passengers are required to check-in their flight cards before boarding the plane. Check-in can be done at the airport counter or kiosk as well as online. Please check the following to select the most convenient check-in way for you.

1. Counter Check-in

Container Check-in is the boarding process at the airline counters where the flight will take place at the airport. For domestic flights, you must be at the airport at least two hours before departure time and at least three hours for international flights for check-in. For domestic flights, check-in procedures generally end before 45 min. of departure time and end before 60 min. of departure time at international flights. You must have your boarding pass and give your baggage before the check-in closing times. If you have arrived at the airport in time but still waiting in the queue, we recommend you to report the authorized personnel.

2. Online check – in

Online check-in is the way to check-in via the airline’s web site. If you are using an online check-in service at the airport where your flight begins, you can check-in via the Airline website or by contacting us.


Jet lag is an uncomfortable situation which occurs by passing few times time period at long term flights from east to west or west to east. The jet lag, occurs with varying symptoms, it is due to the fact that the person’s body clock does not match the local clock of the destination. Jet lag is not cause problems from east to west flights but, from west to east flights some fatigue, restlessness, sleep problems can occur. Passengers should pay attention for the followings: person should get on the plane well slept and rested, light things should eat before and during the flight, clocks, mobile phones and other electronic equipment should be set according to the local time of departure, caffeinated beverages may be preferred during the daytime in the destination, but such drinks should be avoided within the 4-6 hour period before sleeping,
Our company not responsible for the problems caused by the updated rules. Please contact KURMICKTUR to obtain updated and detailed information on behalf of passenger victimization, since the general rules may vary each day and every airline.