Kurmicktur is happy to be able to support you, who are relevant to the warnings that need to be taken when flying internationally. Please ensure that your passport is signed. Passports are considered invalid which are not signed by the owner. Make sure your passport validity covers the dates you will travel. Please note that the validity period of your passport may vary depending on the country you are going to visit (some countries require a validity period of at least 6 months).The passport, ID and ticket information in the travel documents must be the same. Because of the reasons of name change, the passport must be renewed or the official letter of marriage (marriage certificate, divorce, etc.) must be submitted during travel. There is no guarantee of participation in the flight.Check for any damage to the passport. Make sure that the plastic thin layer on the photo page is not separated or broken so that the passport book is not completely or partially separated from the passport compartment. There is no guarantee of participation in the flight. If the visa is used for the first time to the Schengen countries, it is advised that first entry should be the issued country. The travel documents replacing passports and passports that are older than 10 years old are not accepted by the countries. in accordance with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) the old type passports which can not be read on the machine withdrawel 24.11.2015.So be careful that your passports are not old. Our company shall not be held responsible for any inconvenience caused by the updating of the facilities, since the general rules may vary with each day and each airline on behalf of unjust treatment to obtain updated and detailed information please contact to KURMICKTUR.