Kurmicktur is pleased to be able to support the passengers relate to some of the suggestions that should be taken into consideration when traveling comfortably:

1. Passengers with any health problem should refer a doctor before flight day. – Those who do not feel well,-Those who have had a recent illness, surgery or any accident,-Those who travel for treatment or for illness.

2. Obligatory vaccinations should be before the trip .In addition the vaccinations which are obligatory in childhood, vaccinations that are required by certain countries may also have to be completely. This is extremely important for protection against infectious diseases and a smooth travel.

3. Passengers with an airplane-holding problem should book their seat on the window or on the wing.

4. It is recommended that regular medication passengers should carry their medicines in their hand luggage and keep them in an easy place during their travels. This is also important for the health person who may help if emergancy.

5.We advise our passengers to wear large, comfortable clothing and uncompressed shoes that have been used before. Especially to avoid blood circulation problems in long-term flights.

6. It is recommended that passengers should not put anything under the seat in front of the passengers during the flight.

The information transmitted is only recommendations when the general flight standards are taken into consideration. Please contact KURMICKTUR to get the latest information.